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Barcelona can get awfully hot and sticky in the summer (which is finally here, yes!). The best way to escape the busy city and the sticky pavements? Take to the skies! No, I don’t mean flying – I mean checking out the great terraces that are around the city.

I had no idea you could just walk into a hotel and go up to the rooftops or that there were bars up there to visit, but terraza-hopping is quickly becoming one of my favorite verano activities. A bonus? They’re usually laid-back and free of the crazy tourist stampede that overtakes Barcelona in the warmer months.

So let’s start off with a hotel bar with some fabulous views – the Alaire terrace at the Hotel Condes de Barcelona. Its location on the very (very!) fancy Passeig de Gràcia already gives this bar some cool points, which you can instantly feel from the…

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